How to Pack a Bear Can 1

How to Pack a Bear Can
August 19, 2014 I just picked up my permit and will start backpacking The Circle of Solitude tomorrow. Inside my bear canister I have packed 8 days worth of food, which is no small feat. ¬†And no, I didn’t use my feet to stuff the can! I did however take the big bear can and ...

Just Photos 1

Just Photos

Lembert Dome

Lembert Dome
August 16, 2014 Another beautiful Sierra day. Coffee by the creek, packed lunch and off to Lembert Dome we headed. This is Melissa’s first big Sierra hike after finishing her chemo in April. She was amazing! Here we are enjoying lunch with a view.       On the way back I peeled off for ...

The Wizard’s Cap

The Wizard's Cap
August 15, 2014 It was 36 degrees when I awoke! I bundled up and sipped my coffee on the granite rock. So peaceful. So beautiful. Melissa and I hiked down the river at the edge if the meadow and found an amazingly inviting swimming hole! Just as we were taking off our clothes a man ...

Toulumne Meadows

Toulumne Meadows
August 14, 2014 The plan is to meet Melissa in front of the Toulumne Meadows Campground at 1pm where we have a reservation. Knowing that we would need wood I spent an hour collecting. It was the best wood ever and so easy to collect from all the downed trees, Jake and I refer to ...