July 17, 2014 A Day Hike Day 1

July 17, 2014 Day Hike about 8 miles.
North Fork Kings River to Big Maxon Meadow back to NF KIngs!

Slept in till 7 this morning! I decided this is going to be a leisurely trip so I lounged with my coffee by the granite slab pools. I jumped in and out of the potholes delighting in the cool water and sandy bottom. This place is just too good to leave. It felt great to have no plan or destination…..Especially with my schedule these last few months of running here there and everywhere!
I decided to day hike up the river to Big Maxon Meadow. It was a pretty hike meandering through dense forest, meadow filled flowers and abundant flies and mosquitos! A more appropriate name for Big Maxon Meadow would be Big Mosquito Meadow! Again I had to eat my lunch while hiking. On the way back down I met a pack train bringing provisions up to Black Cap Basin. I was sitting by the side of the trail waiting for him to pass when he got close I said hi. Poor guy, I scared him, he jumped and almost fell off his horse! He confided he was deep in thought solving the worlds problems and we both had a good laugh! He was the only person I saw all day! He told me the hike up to Devils Punchbowl, where I’m headed tomorrow, is a killer gaining 2,000 feet in elevation. The reward though are spectacular views of the Le Conte Divide! Those of you that have read my previous years journals know that Le Conte Canyon is one of my favorite canyons in the Sierra, so being right up again the Le Conte Divide is something special.

Thankfully and oddly there were no mosquitos or flies back at my camp! I spent the afternoon comparing swimming holes and lounging on the hot flat granite slabs. No rain but I have heard distant thunder and now this evening the clouds have gathered and they do look threatening.

I spent part of the evening playing solitaire cribbage; pegging my points with a rock around the lid of the bear can! I figured if the sailors carved small holes in the side of their ships to peg points, I can peg points on the bear can, that is until I want to sit on it. Hmmm I gotta think of something else to use; but it has to be a double use. Nothing goes into my pack that is not double use duty.I had fun!


looking up towards Le Conte Divide.20140723-094624-35184326.jpg

Big Maxon Meadow. AKA BIG MOSQUITO MEADOW20140723-094625-35185662.jpgThe Trail along the way

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    Sounds wonderful! I almost feel like I was there with you and Cruiser

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