September 27, 2014

I find only one piece of interesting trash, and it is really not that interesting but I felt compelled to pack it out because I stepped right over it. A wrapper to a Cliff Shot. In the park I see 3 Mylar balloons up in a tree. Too high up for me to retrieve.

I spend a half day exploring around the park. I go to Hume Lake and scope out campsites. I sleep in my car and the rain patters the roof all night. I do not have any paranoid fantasies.  In the morning it is still raining so I have my coffee snuggled inside my sleeping bag with the back of the car open. I drive to Junction point hoping to get a look at the fresh Sierra snow. It is foggy and cloudy. I drive home happy and content wondering if I can squeeze one more trip in before the first BIG SNOW.

Stack 'O Boats

Stack ‘O Boats


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