EA: Greenland: Bonus Photos. 2

Around Sisimiut

I love all the colors!













2 thoughts on “EA: Greenland: Bonus Photos.

  1. Reply Bettina Aug 26,2017 11:42 pm

    Dear Bren!
    What a journey! and I’m still not sure just where you were — but will try my atlas to find out. It sure is true that Greenland is melting!!!
    Willows growing taller that your head, etc. and all the bogs plus rivers, etc.
    I love the landscape though — some really colorful too.
    Can’t help thinking of the Vikings, how they lived, and found the land back then — 1000 to 1200 or 1300 thereabouts.
    Thanks a lot for a glimpse of where I’ve always wanted to go ….


  2. Reply David Sep 6,2017 6:23 am

    Wow, what an absolutely epic trip! Amazing scenery in both Iceland and Greenland. The last few days of the Arctic Circle Trail must have taken as much mental stamina as the considerable physical effort!

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