EA: Greenland August 17, 2017 ACT Day 6

Thursday August 17   Day 6

Cloudy grey sky. Miraculously our tents were completely dry, for the first time on the trip. We packed up quickly and as soon as we sat down with our coffee it started to sprinkle.

Today we hiked through a lot of bogs. Every time I came to a bog I would say, “yuck.” Pretty soon that was the only thing I was saying: “yuck, yuck, yuck.”

Sometimes the bog looked like this….

Sometimes it looked like this….








Not much to say today except that it rained and rained and then rained some more. We hiked to the smallest of the two Innajuattoq huts. This hut sits on top of a hill overlooking two lakes and the valley. The hut accommodates 3 people and we are the only ones here. The hut is actually bolted to the rocks so it doesn’t blow away. Good thing because the wind has been howling all afternoon.

The lake hut. It looks like it is IN the water.


The first hut we stayed in

Our boots and socks are soaked. We are wearing waterproof socks which helped keep our feet somewhat dry-ish. My feet are freezing and once that happens the rest of me gets cold too! We ate lunch, drank soup, coffee and more coffee and then took a nap. The weather looks pretty nasty for our last three days on the trail. Booo!

Our stuff on the sleeping platform

Stuff drying and Lisa trying to read the weather.








Mushroom soup?! WHAT?

The first day of my 5 day shirt. Read on to see what the heck that means.


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