EA: Greenland August 16, 2017 ACT Day 5

Wednesday August 16 Day 5.

It was still and quiet last night. The kind of quiet that makes your ears hurt. Woke to the loon alarm clock. The loons are doing laps across the lake, I hope they remember to do their lucky lap! The calling of the loons makes me both smile and laugh and I feel fortunate to be out here listening to them. The sun and the fog had a competition to see who would arrive at camp first. The fog won. Within minutes the entire valley was full of fog and the other side of the lake was obscured.

IMG_6057  be sure to turn your volume up. This will make you smile and possibly laugh like it did me.

It was cold and foggy when we started off hiking up along the ridge. Once in a while the sun would break through giving way sweeping views of lakes and a deep valley.

The trail goes straight down!


Soon we were walking across this deep, boggy, mosquito infested valley to the river crossing.

The crossing was easy and we picked our way along the trail on the other side walking through many dry crusted lakes.
Lisa referred to this section of the trail as the NB trail. No Bugs, No Bushes and No Bog!

The NB trail

More NB trail








We arrived at Equalugaarniarfik hut and ate our lunch inside while the wind howled. Then we climbed and climbed and climbed some more. The trail went straight up..no switchbacks. The trail is both rugged and demanding in an entirely different way than the rugged and demanding trails I’m accustomed to. These trails are rocky and rooty and have steep pitched ascents and descents.

A great place to eat lunch.











We hiked along the ridge while the wind whipped and howled from all directions. Along the ridge the trail plummeted steeply down and then shot straight back up again and again. We met a group of 9 hikers each one had a big white letter attached to the back of their backpack. Of course I inquired…the 9 letters spelled GREENLAND and they used these for photo ops.


Ridge walk


Along the ridge walk


We did not eat this!


Love all the different colors


Finally we descended to a lake where we found a crazy windy camp spot. We hunkered down behind a rock and had soup and dinner and watched the rain clouds blow in. We debated whether we should continue hiking and look for a more sheltered spot. I walked 1/2 mile down the trail while Lisa walked the parameter of the inlet. She found a place for us to tuck in between some rocks that is TP free…,a bonus on this trail. It is now 10:35 pm, still light, and 39 degrees. Brrr it’s going to be ccccold tonight.

Clouds are a gathering

our cozy little camp out of the cray harsh wind









Watching the clouds gather. We didn’t know then that this would be the last time we saw the sun for the rest of the trip and that the temperature are about to plummet.

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