EA: Greenland August 15, 2017 ACT Day 4

Tuesday August 15, 2017 Day 4. Arctic Circle Trail

Chilly and windy morning. 37 degrees and wearing all my clothes including my rain gear. Even though the valley is full of smoke it’s still a gorgeous spot.

These remind me of something from The Cat in the Hat.

Hiked two miles and stopped at a fabulous sandy beach. It has warmed up enough that I’m in shorts and a long sleeve shirt. Hiked up up up and then all along the spine of a plateau. The smoke was with us until we dropped down into the next valley.

WOW, what a BEACH!

The backpack lounger

My poles hold up my backpack allowing me to lean back.
















We hiked to Ikkattooq hut and saw evidence of another peat fire, likely from this year. This hut is the nicest on the inside we have seen yet. The surrounding outside area however, is a trashy disgusting mess!

Trail marker

Ikkattooq Hut. High on a hill.










One thing that has been profoundly disappointing about this trail is the amount of used TP! It is everywhere! On the trail, clearly used and folded in neat little squares; Strewn about off trail adorning the one and only bush for miles around; behind large rocks, or a streak of white welcoming you to your campsite. We joked that there are three distinct trail markers for this trail: Antlers, TP, and the actual red dot cairn!

It baffles me that people don’t think what might happen to this TP if left on the trail. And what about LNT (leave no trace)? No matter how deep you try to bury TP it always always gets dug up….pack it out! That concludes my TP rant for this blog entry.

After leaving the hut we climbed steeply out of the valley and are now camped on the first plateau on the rocks above a lake. Spectacular doesn’t even begin to describe the view. It is so quiet we can hear the hooves of the reindeer but we haven’t spotted them yet.

This was my favorite campsite on the entire trail

It is 9:15 pm and it’s still light. The temp has dropped from 70 this afternoon to 55. We have had unprecedented weather so far and very few mosquitoes! At least the mosquitoes haven’t been bothering me…they have been bothering Lisa.

hilltop pearch

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