EA: Kangerlussuaq, GREENLAND August 11, 2017

Friday: August 11, 2017

I met Lisa at the airport in Iceland and on her recommendation immediately fueled up on a double Cap from Joe and The Juice. So smooth! SO delicious.


The flight to Greenland was 2 and a half hours and once we were able to see Greenland an hour into the flight I never took my eyes off the window. Expansive and vast, mysterious and wondrous!

Greenland !




Wow! icebergs


That’s a lot of ice!


Ice cap

More ice cap




The Arctic

Kangerlassuaq airport

Where to now?

We landed in kangerlussuaq ..the town is the airport and the airport is the town.

Town housing

Immediately went to the gift shop and bought the last 3 canisters of fuel for the jetboil! Finding fuel for the jetboil was huge because sometimes they have the fuel and sometimes they don’t! We also brought a persnickety MSR stove that works with any kind of fuel and is twice as heavy! We gladly ditched that stove in the locker we rented for the week to store our extra gear.

We spent the evening reorganizing our packs. With 9 days of food and 2 liters of water and extra warm gear my packed weighs 35 pounds ( ouch ) and Lisa’s pack weighs 37 pounds! We discussed empty out some water but the water for the first 5 miles on the trail is either brackish or silty.

Ready, set, HIKE!


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