EA: Iceland: Westfjords August 9, 2017

August 9, 2017

Well,  it rained all night! AND the pea pod somehow got water in it so both my sleeping pad and sleeping bag were wet! OH, AND of course the PEA POD was soaking wet inside and out!  Rich and Nancy have the same tent in the double version and we refer to it as the String Bean. The Pea Pod and The String Bean.

First I tried drying the Pea Pod like this…….


Rich thought I was having too much fun and he joined me with the string bean.  We tried hard to take flight!


Icelandic Dryer. I even put a trekking pole across the moonroof to hang up our wet socks!


AnD I forgot to mention one big exciting thing that happened yesterday right before we got to our campsite we drove through a 5 mile ONE Lane TWO way tunnel. WEEEEE. Kinda scary when you see headlights coming straight towards you and there isn’t anywhere to go except forward into the light.  After 2 miles of white knuckling we figured out the sign meant we had the right of way and the cars coming in the other direction needed to use the pullouts to let us pass.

Yikes where do we go?? What do we do?!


Drove through several smallish, small, smaller and smallest villages and saw…….



Recycling AND rainbows!?


Little free library! That also doubled as phone booth! Or maybe the phone booth doubled as the library.


Let’s see if I can find your name in the black book provided. Hello? Hello? Can you hear me?!




Hot pot right in the fjord…actually this one was really IN the fjord! It was too hot.

Color patterns from the hot pot.


We drove further around the fjord and found three stunning pools sitting up on a deck overlooking the fjord. We soaked for an hour! I didn’t get a picture ! Wait, WHAT?!



It has been freezing and windy all day and raining off and on AND since we have a place to stay in Reykjavik we decided to head back to town and venture out for a day trip tomorrow.

10:42….And the sun actually sets for a few minutes


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