AE: Iceland: Westfjords August 8, 2017

  1. August 8, 2017

It was cold and damp and I slept in all but two of my top layers! I did sleep for about 5 hours and that felt great…I actually feel almost refreshed. It was a delight to wash my face in hot water from the bathroom sink rather than heating water on the stove!

It is cloudy and chilly and when we got on the ferry the person taking our ticket said,”it’s a beautiful day, warm too!” And they were serious! We took the ferry from Stykkisholmur to Arnorsdtadir…deeper into the Westfjord’s. ∴I enjoyed people watching, posting my blog and doing nothing for a few hours.

RICH & Nancy


Flatey Island

We hunted around for a hot springs, which are referred to as hot pots in Iceland. We soaked in the hot pot for at least an hour talking to the other folks and getting tips on the “must sees.” The whole time it was raining. Afterwards we huddled under the hatch back of the car drinking coffee and soup and eating peanut butter sandwiches!

at Dynjandi waterfall

Dynjandi waterfall. LIkley the most amazing waterfall I’ve ever seen….and I’ve seen a lot of waterfalls!


LIttle red house on top of the mountain.

Camped at Isafjordur, one of the westfjords largest towns, pop 2540. The town is on a spit with old timber and tin buildings and surrounded by towering peaks.


Isafjordur Bay


Love the tin siding and rust on these houses….dating from the early 1800’s!!

Love the color contrast!



This campground has a kitchen/wifi house where people gather to cook and check email, post blogs and swap stories of the day. AND since it has been raining all day it is also a place to warm up!!

Pea pod in Iceland

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