Epic Adventure: Iceland and Greenland August 3-21,2017

August 3 &4 2017

Reykjavik Iceland:

Whenever I look at a world map, for  reasons I cannot obviously explain,  I’m drawn to the expanse of Greenland. As my fingers trace the country my imagination wanders. It was during one of these map meanderings that my sense of adventure and curiosity collided and I began hatching a plan to hike the Actic  Circle Trail (ACT). AND Iceland is so close to Greenland….why not go there too! AND it turns out in order to get to Greenland you have to fly into Iceland.

It didn’t take me long to find the perfect traveling buddies for each part of the trip…AND I didn’t have to do any convincing. Rich and Nancy were IN for the Iceland and Lisa jumped on the Greenland backpacking trip.

So after lots of planning and packing and re packing and organizing food and reorganizing food and adding more food and taking food out and repeating the whole process several times I found myself on WOW Airlines taxiing down the Icelandic runway!

Away I go!


Colorful apartments

View from our apartment

Sunset 10:27pm

Sunset 10:45 pm

WOW! And I’m not talking about the airline I flew on!!


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