Cedar Creek and Fishbowls: May 19-21 2017

Friday May 19, 2017

Two friends and I shouldered our packs and headed for the Cedar Creek Fishbowls loop behind Ojai for a perfect weekend backpack trip. Judy and Diane are headed for their first Sierra backpack this summer….one of them hasn’t been backpacking in years and years and the other one never has. I offered to take them out on a shake down trip and offer support and guidance when asked. I used my motto experience before explanation frequently.

More great rock formations

A burnt out tree along the way


We arrived at the trailhead mid afternoon and shortly found ourselves walking up and alongside the Cedar Creek drainage. The birds accompanied us the entire way along with swarms of flying lady bugs. The canyon was full of long afternoon shadows making me want to stop every few feet to admire the beauty.


The red dots are lady bugs!

Cedar Creek was flowing!


Once we got to camp I pulled out my luxury item…..a chair, made special coffee drink, leaned back and watched the pitching of two tents. Our camp is under the cedars and pines with the creek on either side. It feels good to be back in the mountains.



The Pea Pod under the cedars.

View from inside the pea pod

As Judy began assembling her new stove I started thinking: ” I bet they forgot their pot.” Judy asked Diane for the pot and Diane looked at Judy saying I thought you had them. I began chuckling into my soup because that was the course I was on. Since my stove is only appropriate for heating water we had to come up with a different way for them to make their pasta. Soak the noodles. Add the sauce. Add the salmon. Add more hot water.

We had a wonderful fire and watched the dusk turn to night and the stars populate the sky.      ahhhh!

Saturday May 20, 2017

The sun arrived at my tent at 7 am accompanied by the chirping of birds and the waking of the day. I never tire of sleeping outside…the calm, the smell of wood, the trickle of the stream and the freshness of a new day arriving at my tent door all rejuvenate me and take me back to my center.

We were on the trail by 9 climbing 1,000 feet and hooking a sharp right along the ridge before dropping down into the Fishbowls.  The views were spectacular and the sky oh so blue. The trail was dotted with pines and sandstone formations.

Cedar camp from the top of the switchbacks Saturday morning.

You have to climb a lot to get views like this!











Cool design

View plus sandstone rock formations.










There were even some wildflowers.

We saw a lot of these.

We arrived at Fishbowls in time for lunch and a quick dip before we were inundated by 18 Boy Scouts. I had the forethought to snag the campsite furthest away from the Fishbowls under the pines and cedars. That turned out to be a good call because as the afternoon lulled by more groups of people passed our primo spot looking for a place to camp.


Fishbowls. YES, the water was FREEZING!

Diane and Judy in their afternoon perch.










Pea Pod!

Judu’s tent tucked into the rocks.



We spent the afternoon relaxing and evaluating gear.






Sunday May 21, 2017

On the trail by 9 and hiking the 6 miles back to the trailhead. It was H O T!!!!!  On the way back I ran into someone I used to take pottery with 20 years ago. I’m not sure which part of that sentence is funnier…..the fact that I knew someone out there or the fact that I said 20 years ago…and I think it was more like 30 years ago….but really who is counting!


Fishbowls Camp


This blog was typed trailside with my index finger one letter at a time!


Happy Trails until next time!




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