Spring in Yosemite May 4-7 2017

My compadres Rich and Nancy and I spent three full days in Yosemite hiking, investigating and viewing the waterfalls. After several years of drought the Sierra had a wet and snowy winter resulting in thunderous and pounding, flooding and spraying water. Awesomeness and magnificent. Majestic and stunning. This post is word thin and picture heavy. Enjoy!

Valley view










Thursday May 4, 2017

Having stayed in Oakhurst Wednesday evening we arrived in Yosemite Valley at 9 am and proceeded to hike up the mist trail to Vernal and Nevada falls. It was Misty for sure!

Rainbow along the mist trail


It was so wet and misty hiking up the trail we wore full rain gear. The water poured off our jackets.

Nevada falls.











Nevada falls with other assorted falls all along the cliff

Swelling down my feet above the falls. It was SO COLD I could barely stand to get my little toe wet.











Our lunch view. Notice the big wave of water. It was incredible to watch the water move so swiftly.

Dashing through the water…..eeeeeee, weeee.











Liberty cap and Nevada falls.

Friday May 5, 2017

Today we hiked around the valley eventually ending up at mirror lake.


The dogwoods were in full bloom and were stunning!










We arrived here by accident and later we decided it was one of our favorite places of the day.

Yosemite falls

Yosemite falls. I could hear the roar and pounding of the water from where I stood taking this photo!




The creek below Yosemite falls.









1,000 different shades of green and a little purple too.

We sat here and ate lunch. This is the outlet creek to Mirror lake, which is usually is a marsh.











Half Dome

Rich was very excited to get this photo using his mini tripod.










As we made our way around the Mirror Lake loop we discovered the trail was under water for about 1/4 of a mile. No problem. We took our shoes off and hobbled down the trail. We had to hobble because the water was so FREAKIN FREEZING it made our knees shake and our stomachs lurch. I made it the whole way barefoot….crazy right? Rich and Nancy, after five minutes of freakin freezing water had the good sense to put their boots back on and plow through the water.

Now this is how you do it.

I’m surprised I didn’t drop my boots in the water!



Ready for fun!

It is hard to get tired of this view.

Saturday May 6, 2017

Woke to cloudy skies with a serious threat of rain later in the day. Off we went, stopping first at Bridalveil falls.

When I took this picture I could feel the spay hitting my face.

Bridalveil creek










Next we went to the Tuolumne Grove and did a short hike. Next we headed for Wildcat Creek trail which traverses the wall of the valley eventually ending, 10 miles later,  at the top of El Capitan. I imagine the views from this hike are amazing….today however, it was foggy and on and off raining. The  three of us could hardly see each other.


Emerging from the fog


It was a great day for taking flower pictures. We stopped at Wildcat Creek for lunch sitting right in the middle of the trail…..because we knew no one else would be passing by. I brought my stove and we had hot chocolate and special coffee drink. So yummy and warm!

Wild Iris

I love the contrast of color










Lupine variety 1

Lupine variety 2





















not sure about this one











Sunday May 7, 2017

Up and out the door early and on the trail for one last quick hike before heading home. It rained throughout the night and the Adler Creek trail was wet and foggy creating the Ichabod Crane affect. A cacophony of birds and water accompanied us along the trail.












Cool flower leafing out.

Lots o moss.










And finally here are some videos of the water. Happy trails until next time!



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