CUBA! 3/27/16-4/3/16

  • Warning This is not an account of a backpacking or dash trip…in fact this report has nothing to do with a trip into the wilderness. This post is all about CUBA, yup you read that right, CUBA in all its passion, heart and soul.


    Over the years I’ve imagined what it might be like to visit Cuba, a forbidden place made more intriguing by the very nature of it being off limits. Last September, six or so months after the embargo was lifted, traveling to Cuba directly from the USA became easier as long as it was an educational  people to to people trip….so when the idea of going to Cuba popped into my head again,it was relatively easy to turn the idea into reality. This is why on Sunday evening March 27 I find myself sitting on the roof top patio of the Saratoga hotel watching the golden sunset light spread across Havana’s skyline.


Standing in line at the Miami airport at 5 am my sleep crusted eyes watched the hustle of people jostling for position next to the giant shrink wrap station where Cuban Americans shrunk wrapped multiple 40 inch flat screen TVs, oversize duffle bags and other odd sized items.

Forty-five minutes after boarding the plane we, the group I’m traveling with, Women on a Roll, touched down on Cuban soil. No photos allowed in the airport ( due to military) and when someone took a photo security was on them making them delete the image before the shutter released.
We have an amazing Cuban guide for the week who is not only knowledgable but humorous and personable too.

More photos to come when I get home.  So this is just a preview……


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